Quality leads, market focus and more sales


Get your marketing and sales professionals leveled up!
BIGear offers big data marketing: focus, new marketing insights and new sales leads. 
It is a challenge to get leads interested in your value proposition.
BIGear generates lead interest through white papers and informative campaigning.


Marketing always searches for the right timing of the lead's buying cycle.
BIGear develops buy-ready leads by big data marketing automation throughout the buying process.


Market insights and best matching leads

BIGear offers market research and lead generation by use of our in-house developed tools. By employing our algorithms we are able to provide market insights on a vast scale. We have been working non-stop for two years on the most sophisticated web crawling and machine learning algorithms for lead generation. We leverage the power of our tools to help you assemble, identify and analyze new business partners.

Big Data based Marketing Automation brings you a sales increase of 10-15% in 6-9 months
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Our big data marketing tools are based on one powerful chain

Data Collection
Data collection
Data Storage
Data storage
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Big data marketing and management made easy

We have discovered that marketers and sales professionals who handle big data tools with 6 variables and 3 three levels deep have highest user-adoption rates. In case you want to drill deeper, you just jump in contact with our data scientist. Easy, fast, and most accurate. All our tools are developed in cooperation with the London School of Economics, the Universities of Maastricht, Utrecht and Amsterdam.


We are heading off where research ends

We start where traditional research stops. Based on your existing research, data, insights and your wishes, we define your business goal together with you. Should you require additional information, we will start collecting external data sources (i.e. by crawling web data). We work with custom-designed modules for finding new leads, getting market insights and attracting new customers.