Big data market insights & lead generation


"What business managers value as critical factors for Big Data Business: Better customer insight (76%) and acquiring customers (69%)”  - source: Marketwatch 2017


How does the NewBizz tool work?

Whether you want to identify new business partners or widen your customer base, the NewBizz® tool will generate accurate predictive models using high power machine learning techniques. These predictive models are used to power our targeted web crawling algorithms and/or to recognize matching patterns in your customer database. Finally, advanced information extraction techniques are used to obtain the essential information you require for the identified leads, such as: contact information, personal and professional e-mails, company details.

NewBizz Buying Cycle
NewBizz Buying Cycle

BIGEAR stands for Big Data Technology, that is easy to implement.
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Dashboard NewBizz
NewBizz Dashboard


Step by step


  1. Description: describe your ‘best’ customers and your ‘ideal’ contact persons.

  2. Crawling & Identification: collect urls using algorithms based on these descriptions.

  3. Data Storage & Classifying: company names, locations, functions, personal and emails.

  4. Analyzing & Clustering: fine niche segmentation, supply chain mapping.

  5. Generate leads: contact emails, contact person names and functions.

  6. Iterate the process: to optimize lead quality.

Opportunities arise only by analyzing the buying cycle. When NewBizz® gets used in combination with BizzConnect®, not only can you spot opportunities in the market, but you are also able to find the best matching clients. 


Benefits of NewBizz:

  • Ability to generate contact leads.
  • Link to your CRM system with our flexible NewBizz® output.
  • Find all contacts within a few days.
  • Segment the contact leads and sum them up for a complete market insight. 


NewBizz users:

Decision makers such as:

  • Marketing directors
  • Sales Directors
  • Business Directors
  • Market researchers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Market analysts
  • Economic government officials on NewBizz:Ervaar het OV

"We used the NewBizz® tool to widen our customer base in the public transport. It brought us amazing accurate information to target new customers successfully ."