FreshJob delivers you high-quality job postings from the source. Using unique big data tools built specifically for job crawling. 


Sales professionals say most job posting leads are inaccurate, incomplete and late.

Job posting suppliers do not focus on the newest job postings but instead deliver already existing, redirected job postings extracted from job boards, job advertisements, intermediaries, etc. Moreover, the job description is often incomplete or unreadable and the job-postings are never unique since everyone uses the same platforms as their source.


Often job posting miss out on the HRM decision maker contact details.

FreshJob® is always the first to have the newest job postings with the best possible quality direct from the source. The majority are unique job postings and come with HR-contact information. FreshJob® makes it possible to acquire new customers everyday for HR consultants, employment agencies and job boards.


"We developed together with BIGEAR powerful machine learning algorithms to assemble international niche jobs. Now, we are proud that with 700 niche jobs per day, we generate market insights and new business that nobody has been able to achieve."

                                                                                                                                                          - Management Board STEPSTONE


How does FreshJob® work?

FreshJob® makes it possible to acquire new customers every day for HR consultants, employment agencies and job boards. The algorithm of our Job Page Index Tool runs daily to capture new job placements from small, medium en large company recruiters. Because of this innovative technique, you will always have insight into the newest vacancies and know exactly which companies are potential clients.


Step by step:

  1. Watcher - Job page: This algorithm checks whether a job page is existing.
  2. Searcher - Jobs: This crawles the job pages.
  3. Comparer - Content Jobs: This tool checks the jobs and their content.
  4. Delta identifier - Delta Jobs: This tool identifies changes of the content and jobs.
  5. Export - Fresh Jobs: Daily delivery of fresh job urls per API or CSV.
  6. Quality Control - Sample: Daily relevant sample checks.
  7. Server - Installation: the capacity and security of the server (infrastructure).
  8. Index Check - Manual check with other sources and customer base.


FreshJob is the most powerful job scraping tool

In partnership with Stepstone, FreshJob® has developed very powerful Machine Learning Algorithms, trained to find their path in the most differing sources. These sources are websites of employers, which are often very different from each other and therefore, hard to comprehend.


We try to focus on the source posting only

We focus on organic job placements from the moment they are placed before job advertisements, job boards or HR agencies are involved. This gives your company the unique market opportunity to have aggregated market information and the fastest acquisition process.


Data driven lead generator

Every month we collect fresh jobs placed on corporate websites in Europe. By extracting the data directly from the source we make sure you get the earliest retrieval for the most successful acquisition. Our fresh information helps recruitment agencies, publishers and job boards to be the first in new sales opportunities and to speed up acquisition processes. With approximatley 66.000 job organic job placements in Belgium, 100.000 in Germany and 70.000 in the Netherlands per year, we are market leader in delivering organic job placements.


You will recognize recruiters who use FreshJob® immediately!

  • they lead the way;

  • they look where other people do not;

  • they deliver constant quality.


Rapidly scalable for international purposes 

We are able to program our algorithms for every possible country and market. It is therefore possible to utilize our approach for many different business purposes and gives you the opportunity to easily enter a new market while being well-informed by our services.



"Most suppliers deliver job leads for acquisition, that are incomplete, inaccurate or old." 

                                                                                         - Business Intelligence, EU LEADING RECRUITER


FreshJob users:

Decision makers:

  • Job aggregators

  • Recruitment and staffing agencies

  • Job board administrators

  • Corporate recruiters