Generate interest in your business using tailor-made white papers

BizzConnect® lead management generates lead interest by informing professionals through hand-made content and in a personal manner. By using machine learning we gain a higher success rate compared to traditional online content marketing.


How do you know which leads are interested?
- Sales Professional


How does BizzConnect work?

We will help you author compelling, unbranded white papers, precisely targeted at the new business partners you need to grow your business with. This informative way of promotion allows you to reach a very specific group of people and not only inform but also convince them with your research.

BizzConnect Buying Cycle
BizzConnect Buying Cycle


Landing Site Optimization

But it does not stop there. To promote the white paper in the right circumstances and to the right people, we will optimize your LinkedIN profile, join and participate in the right groups and make a new custom-build landingspage to share the white paper on professional platforms with high authority. In addition to LinkedIN, other social media platforms and online advertising will be used to share information about the white paper.


Step by step: 

  1. White Paper: develop white papers that generate leads interest.
  2. Landing Pages: develop keyword-optimized landing pages through multivariate testing, dynamic forms and visitor identification.
  3. Informative campaigning: informative advertisements, text postings on branch platforms, LinkedIn postings, building links with authority.
  4. Engaged Leads: gathering emails from leads.
BizzConnect Buying Cycle


Benefits of BizzConnect:

  • A quick way to reach exactly the right people

  • Informative promotion builds trust

  • Quickly expanding your network with new leads and interest groups

  • A great way to get more insight into your sales


BizzConnect users:

Decision makers such as:

  • Business Directors

  • Marketing professionals    

  • Sales professionals

  • Marketing agencies

  • Business developers

  • Economic government officials


BizzConnect® is driven by our BizzFiller® and NewBizz® tools. It makes sure your newly acquired market insights and leads are transformed into buying customers.