The BizzFiller® lead sales tool is a big data based tool for lead-to-sales conversion. It provides you with complete real-time insight in all prospects' buying cycles. The lack of knowledge about the lead’s buying cycle or, to be exact, their position in the sales funnel. Bigear nurtures and monitors leads throughout the entire buying process.

In the past Marketing delivered us rarely leads that were ready to buy.
- Sales Professional


How does BizzFiller work?

Combining information gathered by targeted web crawling using the newest information extraction techniques, this tool will fill the gaps in your knowledge of the market. Gain a competitive edge using new insights into your customer's wants and needs, knowledge of your immediate competitors and awareness of the developing trends in your market.

BizzFiller Buying Cycle
BizzFiller Buying Cycle

Step by step:

  1. Big Data based generation of targeted contact-leads.
  2. Define lead influencers, develop lead scoring system to identify hot leads.
  3. Big Data behavior tracking: getting insights in leads’ buying process.
  4. Personalized news automation: postings, emails and newsletters to nurture leads.
  5. Conversion optimization: analyze, manage and optimize funnels.
  6. Develop buy-ready leads: inform and hand-over buy-ready leads to sales.



BizzConnect Buying Cycle

Users of BizzFiller lead sales:

Decision makers such as:

  • Board members

  • Business Directors

  • Sales professionals

  • Marketing professionals

  • Marketing agencies

  • Business developers


Ervaar het OV on BizzFiller:Ervaar het OV

"Using the BizzFiller® tool, Bigear provided a complete insight report of the buying cycle of different customers."