Powerful Tools

Often people talk about big data when there is access to large amounts of real time data, the data arrives at high speed and when the data is diverse and stable. There are various definitions of big data, but everyone agrees that machine learning and big data is now a crucial part of a good data strategy within any organization.


From noise to information

The amount of data continues to increase in the world. Especially organizations often have to deal with a lot of business data, structured (tables or spreadsheets) or unstructured (emails, documents or images). But what to do with all this information? The trick is to separate noise from valuable data, analyze it, and process the results into your marketing strategy. Our tools help you to separate noise from valuable data.


Information about markets, products and sentiments

Thanks to the rapid increase of data, it has become possible to enrich product information with new data points like location, market share or sentiment. Based on this extensive information about your products and services, corporate objectives can be improved.


Sentiment analysis concerning refugees
Source: thecattlecrew – using same technology BIGEAR on International Security Summit 2015




As most of our our employees are just graduated, we feature the latest academic developments in the field of data analysis, data mining and machine learning.

We work with: Python, Java, Matlab, Scala, Go, Jupyter, D3.JS and TensorFlow


Methodologies behind our business tools

  • Crawling
  • Data Cleaning
  • Predictive Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Classification
  • Sentiment Analyses


Based on the needs of your company, we put together a team that will guide you into the Big Data world.


What we do

To form a clear picture of your business and expectations we plan an interview with the relevant departments of your company. When forming a data strategy, BIGear takes into account both internal and external data sources. In the field of infrastructure and servers, BIGear uses proven concepts which provide a safe and efficient environment to work with the data. From the very beginning, safety is our main concern, making sure the data is only accessible for a select group of authorized users.


Our tools

We use open-source tools in combination with our own tools for data acquisition and analysis, and provide the necessary guidance so that you can get started yourself. To make sure you have the most recent market information, BIGear collects data real-time. Overall, we consider three essential aspects when working with our tools:

  • available and relevant data sources

  • the rate of market developments and efficiency

  • ease of use


Reporting and forecasting

After we analyzed the data, it is possible to make predictions and discover new trends in your market sector. The results are translated into a personal marketing advice for your business. Through these systems we can find leads and markets that otherwise might have been missed.


Big Data: we start the day with it. Literally.

We have our own tools to mine, specify and analyse all relevant changes overnight, and store the updated datasets on our servers. In the morning we assess the data, pass it on to you, and in the meantime refine the customized algorithms. With the new dataset you are immediately up to date with all relevant changes in the market. This can be price fluctuations, key players, market shifts – information that helps you stay on top of the market. Relevant, recent and complete data, presented in your own customized dashboard.